Powerful Features

Image Capture and Processing

File Sync, Storage, Archiving

Document Management

Records Management


Content Publishing & Creation


Security, Risk Management & Information Governance (IG)

Multi-Channel IT HelpDesk with Dynamic Ticket Types, SLA & Escalation

An Efficent Dashboard

Get an overview of total projects, pending tasks, pending issues, total tasks, teams, users and clients of an organization. Project task’s status, donut chart shows tasks progress whereas a project status shows a radar chart will give a visual status of various projects undertaken by a business. The critical project status donut chart shows the status of the task of 2 critical projects(that will be on completed status).

Document Management

Create multiple folders and upload files in the file browser. You can also create subfolders and upload files. Each staff member that is not admin has their own folder for uploading files.

Project Management

Create unlimited projects and assign team members to them, track project progress. Set a budget for projects. Project Overview: Get a complete snapshot of project progress and other details like total tasks, defects, incidents(tickets) under each project. Change the status of the project with a simple drop-down menu.

Task Management

Add a new task for an already existing project and prioritize them according to the need of urgency. Assign the task to project members and set a due date for task completion. Change the status and priority of the task with a simple drop-down menu. Add comments to the task and create a sub-task for ease in completion. Attach necessary files & notes for a required task. Track activities related to the task. Import tasks.