What is HashCube?

Customer Experience Platform: Every customer oriented organisation focuses on the customer as the central entity. The depth and breadth of this focus essentially determines how happy their customers are and in turn how successful the organisation is. With this same philosophy we created the Hash Cube suite as a complete CEM tool. Whether it’s a call on cell centers, walk-in on the service center, chat through the website, message on phone, tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook. We have all channels covered, and we ensure that the experience is the same for every customer, every single time. Get a complete lifecycle of the customer, where did their journey begin, which devices or services they showed interest in. What was the response from your customer representative, get to analyze their experience being enhanced by your services - and best of all see all this on the palm of your hand.

User Interfaces

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Powerful Features

Improve Your Business Communication Experience

Trend Monitoring

Daily Trend Monitoring.

Call & Queue Monitoring

Call, IVR and Skill Queue Monitoring.

Agent Status Monitoring

Agent Status Overview Monitoring.


Agent Performance Leaderboard.

KPI Management

KPI Threshold Management.


Integration Management.